Every July is sale month at Chair Crazy

Every July, as far back as all of us can remember has been sale month at Chair Crazy, and 2024 is no different. Our annual sale has always been a real sale, unlike some other naughty retailers that have a big sign in the window saying up to 50% off which actually only applies to a single rack of XXXS and XXXL tops at the back of the store by the entrance to the changing rooms!

Yes, this is a proper sale! This July, Chair Crazy is offering 20% off the full retail price of absolutely everything in our stores in Midrand and Woodstock! And on our website at www.chaircrazy.co.za where the prices will change to reflect the 20% discount from the first day of the sale.  Which is Saturday 6th July. Our sale runs all the way through to 31st July, so you’ll have plenty of time to shop until you drop. But don’t leave it too late like South Africans always tend to do, because then all the real bargains and choices will be gone!

When we say that absolutely everything we have in our showrooms and at the warehouse is 20% off full retail price we mean it. But for those of you who haven’t visited us for a while (shame on you!) what exactly constitutes the Chair Crazy range? Ok, then read on as we quickly and concisely catalogue the full range of our product.


At Chair Crazy our core business is restaurant/dining chairs, followed closely by stools and tables. As you would expect, we have a simply massive range of restaurant/dining chairs in stock, and we have everything for any conceivable hospitality space. Restaurant, coffee shop, office canteen, café, bistro, club, pub, hotel, office, you patio at home and then some – we got it all!

We source our top-quality chairs from Europe, and mostly from Siesta in Turkey. Chair Crazy is the appointed African agent for the Siesta indoor/outdoor furniture range, that is available in developed economies right across the world. We stock an enormous range of Siesta product – close to 90% of everything they manufacture and market globally. Go to our website and click on the Siesta button on the main menu – hopefully you’ll be blown away by this amazing range of beautiful products all at 20% off!

We also go to the biggest global furniture expo in China every year where we source our good quality restaurant/dining chairs. The quality and range at this trade show improves every year and we bring back the best of the best on offer in container after container all the way through the following year. Until we go back to China again the next year.

Most of our restaurant chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors which is a big bonus given our wonderful climate and our preference for socializing outside. The bulk of our outdoor furniture is made from injection-molded polypropylene and is UV coated. We also have cast aluminium furniture that is great for outdoor use and lasts forever. And many of our chairs are made from powder-coated metal that are water and sun resistant but not proof. In other words, these chairs can be used outdoors, but brought under cover when the event is over.

We also have an excellent range of wooden restaurant/dining chairs available for indoor use only. And then we have some unique designs that make use of a combination of substrates. Plus, we have upholstered chairs and padded chairs for indoor use only.  And most of our chairs have armed and unarmed variants. But that’s enough about our chairs for now. What else?

Oooops! Forgot to mention patio chairs of which we have a full range and loungers or recliners made by Siesta for the Mediterranean beaches. We have some of the most beautiful recliners on the South African market right here in our showroom and they’re selling at 20% off for the whole of July. So, get yourself in upright position and get your body in here before all our best-of-Europe recliners move out!


At Chair Crazy, we also stock the broadest range of barstools, kitchen stools and sittings stools in South Africa. These stools vary by height in accordance with international standards relating to kitchen counter and bar counter heights. Many of our restaurant chairs come with a kitchen/bar stool variant so you can keep the same look and feel across all table heights within your restaurant. if you own one that is. Our stools come in all sorts of substrates, are mostly for both indoor and outdoor use, and are very affordable especially on this year’s July sale! So come in a take a look, and strike while the iron is still hot! And bring your significant other along by telling him about our bar stool range, where he can sit whilst you browse.


It’s no use buying restaurant/dining chairs and stools if you don’t have tables to arrange them around. So come in and take a good look at our vast range of tables in all shapes, sizes and materials and have fun matching your table to your particular choice of chair and/or stool. We have something for every hospitality space, and for every nook and cranny of your soon to be even more beautiful home.


We have a totally separate section in our showrooms and on our website for office furniture – ergonomically designed chairs and exquisitely designed desks – tiny, medium and large. Our chairs are all adjustable and on wheels, so come in and take them for a spin!


We have recently started to import and market a range of storage solutions for home and office that you just have to see to appreciate. And they’re all on sale even though some have just arrived. Becuae that’s just the way we roll. And then we have a limited range of comfortable lounge chairs for the odd occasion that you might want to watch a good movie on Netflix. With your significant other perhaps?

That’s more than enough for now – so here’s hoping that we see you at our annual Winter Sale from the 6th to the 31st July.  You know where we are!

Onwards and upwards..

The Chair Crazy team