Chair Crazy and Siesta exclusive hospitality furniture

Exclusive Siesta agents across Africa

Chair Crazy is very fortunate to be the appointed sole African agent for Siesta Exclusive furniture. In our seasoned opinion Siesta Exclusive’s contract range, purpose-built for the global hospitality industry, is amongst the finest in the world. We regularly attend the top furniture shows in Europe and Asia and we’re constantly reminded of Siesta’s leadership position in all aspects of our industry. We always come away feeling proud of our association with them.


We’re Siesta wholesalers and retailers

Chair Crazy and ISILPLAST A.S. (owners of the Siesta Exclusive brand) have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years. So, if you come across a Siesta chair or table in your travels across Africa, chances are it got there via our warehouse in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Chair Crazy itself is both a wholesaler and retailer of Siesta Exclusive products – we supply a number of upmarket furniture retailers across South Africa, but we also retail Siesta Exclusive furniture through our Woodstock and Midrand showrooms and via our online store at


How did the relationship start?

When Jorge Bastos purchased Chair Crazy SA in 2005, he knew that the business would live or die by the quality of the furniture it procured, marketed and sold. The restaurant and broader hospitality industries in Cape Town at that time were already world-class (and are even more so today), and most of the top establishments were actively seeking contemporary and durable seating arrangements for their patrons. So, Jorge went in search of the best brand of contract furniture he could find and ended up at ISILPLAST A.S. in Istanbul in Turkey. He was highly impressed with what he saw – the range, the quality, the colours, the finishing, the look and the affordability and with the management of the company. And a long-lasting partnership was strick  The rest as they say is history.


More about ISILPLAST A.S.

ISILPLAST A.S. started in the furniture manufacturing business in 1978, beginning with injection-molded restaurant/dining chairs and tables. The company quickly rose to a market leader position in Turkey and has remained there for nearly 50 years.

The company now has a factory with an impressive footprint measuring over 50 000 square meters, and which is capable of mass producing any format of restaurant chair, stool or table table conceivable. They also make a broad range of outdoor furniture including high tables, stools and sun loungers. Currently they export their contract range to over 100 countries on every continent across the globe. Except Antarctica of course!


Efficient and effective

ISILPLAST A.S. is a very well-run organisation. Production orders are fulfilled timeously, the process is always smooth and hassle-free, and deliveries arecorrect and arrive on time They have definitive quality assurance certificates for each of their major product lines. Every one of their 50 injections machines is quality accredited and they have an excellent ESG profile.


Perfect for use across Africa (and the rest of the world!)

The bulk of the Siesta Exclusive product range is injection-molded primarily using polypropylene as the substrate. This combination of process and material results in furniture which is contemporary, robust, durable, colour-fast and cost-effective and which is suitable for virtually any entertainment space. It is the ideal combination for use in Africa, where so much hospitality takes place outdoors and where sunlight abounds.

Design philosophy

When it comes to product design, ISILPLAST A.S. believes strongly in the concept of fusion – a fusion of creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, and quality and innovation. They are an acknowledged world leader in the science of molding plastics, and in the art of making beautiful, comfortable, durable and affordable contract furniture. Siesta products are immediately recognisable throughout the world, offering long-lasting, practical enjoyment to those who buy them.