Furnish your patio in great style for summer with our Rattan range from Siesta in Turkey

Chair Crazy is the premier supplier of furniture to the South African hospitality industry and has been for many years, going back to when we first opened our doors around about Y2K. How many of you remember that great non-event!

As such we have built up something of a local reputation for sourcing, marketing and selling some of the best value, best quality, contemporary restaurant (home dining) furniture – chairs, stools and tables – on the market and for having the broadest range of it too.

But what many hospitality outlet owners might not know is that we also stock an extensive range of patio furniture, that is ideal for use on covered patios, uncovered outdoor seating and eating areas perhaps around an open fireplace, and specifically for use close to or next to your pool. So, if you run a guest house or a hotel with lovely outdoor spaces that you currently use to entertain your guests in, and they need a bit of refreshing then read on.

Chair Crazy sources its patio furniture from Siesta in Turkey, and is indeed very fortunate to be the African agency for this European manufacturer of top-quality, injection-molded, polypropylene outdoor furniture. One of the key components of their extensive outdoor catalogue is their Rattan range, which is utterly beautiful to look at, affordable to buy, the epitome of patio/outdoor comfort and very easy to maintain/look after.

The Siesta Rattan range is different from almost all other Rattan furniture available on the South African market on the most important dimension – durability. That’s because Siesta Rattan is injection-molded, not woven, and this makes it infinitely more durable than the competition.

We have all been lured to woven Rattan furniture in situ, only to find that when we sit down, we encounter one or two polypropylene threads that have broken or come loose and unfortunately the entire experience is somewhat soured. These threads sometimes break or come loose because they have not been fastened down properly, or too much or not enough tension was applied during their construction. Or, it is often the work of human hands. Sometimes when we find a small aberration somewhere, we are prone to picking at it sub-consciously and then are horrified when we find we’ve actually damaged something valuable. Or it could be the family dog or cat that does the same thing. But once the damage is done it’s very hard to fix and the entire chair, couch or table has to be replaced often at significant expense.

This unraveling simply cannot happen with Siesta Rattan furniture which is made from interlocking panels that are injection-molded in a single piece to look exactly like their woven counterpart. There is no polypropylene thread on Siesta Rattan – nothing to break or come loose, and thus the owner is assured of many years of use from it in the same perfect state as when it arrived. And without exceptionally close scrutiny your Rattan will always look far better than that of your family and friends.

So, if you absolutely love Rattan patio/outdoor furniture as we do, then save yourself a lot of time and effort and come straight to us to check out our Siesta Monaco offering – the top of the Siesta Rattan range. We guaranteed that you’ll love them on the day you buy them and feel the same way for countless years afterwards, always considering the purchase to be money exceptionally well spent!